Gioielli Inconsci

customised poetical luxury
Gioielli Inconsci are born out of a meeting between you and me and then they grow up looking like your own soul. Like dreams, they will tell you stories populated by symbols, all interweaved in their threaded paths, leading you towards that inner place where we all really belong.

Gioielli Inconsci (Unconscious Jewels) are a new jewels form, they’re custom-made through an empathetic use of symbols. They’re unique and they are made up of symbols represented by objects of various materials and uses.

They can be adapted to the structure of your choice: you can wear them, you can hang them on the wall like pictures or let them rest on your table like ornaments. Every jewel is accompanied by my own poetry which decipher it and interpret it, same as you do with dreams the morning after.

In addition to customised jewels, there are reproducible collections for sale online.