Gioielli Inconsci

customised poetical luxury

I am I walk and I wanderI leaveThe name Battle Truth The hunter

I leave

I leave it all
and lightly I travel,
only spirit, free spirit.

I don’t take a thing with me
I don’t keep names
I don’t pick words.

Silver skinned, blue blooded, diamond hearted.

By the tinkling you will hear my arrival
but I won’t walk with you.
I don’t belong to a land
and I don’t look for company.
By the tinkling you will remember my goodbye.

The same key that closes your door
opens the next one I will forsake.

I don’t sing,
I don’t speak of tears or love.
I leave

I am the next trip,
I am the right time to go,
no anchor,
free hands.

I leave
is a unique piece
and is for sale on request.